Thursday, February 18, 2010

Landscape Paintings

Painting landscapes- the first thought that came to my mind ...ugggh so overdone.
But then I thought how natural the earth is and how one day it may not look the way I remembered it looking. All of sudden it was enticing to paint my nostalgic vision of how I always imagined the swamp lands. I'm originally from a small town in Louisiana. As I walked through the grass, I inhaled, exhaled, felt the earth and knew it was changing. Then I seemed concerned that this imagery was a reflection of who I was, the memories I had, the simpler times of riding bikes, running in fields of flowers, & pulling up lily pads. I never saw myself as a landscape artist but I couldn't escape the idea that many of our swamplands are disappearing yearly. The way I envisioned Louisiana could one day be gone. Painting this idea was too tempting, so I started painting, before it started to daunt me. This is where I'm at thus far and I will keep going.

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