Saturday, March 20, 2010

Broke Beads

I like a band that has such good music they don't need a vocalist. The music is stand alone good. Here is Broke Beads playing at SXSW. Their good vibes and cool beats rallied up a nice crowd. Despite the oddly freezing temperature, Broke Beads brought the warm vibes. Strangely, when they played Sunshine Baby- the sun started peeking through the clouds. Someone up there, likes their tunes- always a good sign

Please, go to their myspace, listen and enjoy

Gay Duo

The Gay Duo from Chihuahua, Mexico- they will throw it down anywhere. They make their music assessable to all, from dogs to any passersbyer. Still while being so convenient, they are good to my ears. They deliver good tunes!

Friday, March 19, 2010

We are the World

Meet- We are the World- seen at Guero's for SXSW

I really don't know where to start. They kinda give you the same impression of when you first saw Lady Gaga. You don't know what to think but you like it. Yes, they all have mask on and they dance in sheets while wrapped up in this shiny black material. I sat right in front of the stage in awe. I kept looking at the girl next to me in disbelief. She too had this crazy giddy grin across her face, as she taped the whole performance on her iphone. I'm pretty sure they are like nothing else at SXSW. I wish I would have seen them fully perform. I only caught a song and 1/2.
Here are their social networking links:
before you check them out, I'll warn you of the intensity


Down at Guero's we met Francis. that's the band's name- Francis.
This song is the one that got me-
"I was never bored at all" and it's free to download here:

Preview it here first, along with two other songs:

The Bright Light Social Hour

Tonight at homeslice pizza, i had the pleasure of listening to The Bright Light Social Hour. they did me right. that kid on the drums killed it, he looked so happy. thank you for sxsw
"The Bright Light Social Hour delivers classic bare-assed rock and roll tempered with indie, experimental, and deep-funk influences. Good friends and great communicators, they never forget that they are musicians first, but entertainers even more first." stolen via myspace

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


combining my two new obsessions- hearts and lights.

I'm always experimenting to bring you the most interesting possibilities