Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lately, i've been experimenting with sequence photos. here is a sample of some of my works. basically, it looks like a long panorama photo that is divided into parts but it's not. it's different photos from different points in time and some in different cities that tell one idea or thought. so basically, each photo can stand alone but together, they cohesively dance to build an image.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

After 8 years, Pedro & April are finally MARRIED!!!

The world would be a better place if everyone was as wonderful as April & Pedro. The amazing part of my job is the people I meet. Sometimes that alone is worth every second. Pedro & April were two of the most genuine, wholesome, and beautiful people that I have ever met. I enjoyed this wedding so much that I stuck around for an extra hour just cause I couldn't get enough! I got tons of great pics, smiles, and love!!! Congrats April & Pedro, I wish you the best in the world!!! Thank you for making me part of your special day!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beautiful Bride April

April definitely brought the showers. It was storming out, during her bridals but her smile brought the flowers. She was bursting with life, big smiles, and tons of excitement. She was super excited to take her lovely modern photos at the beautiful Hotel Valencia in downtown San Antonio. April had her beautiful entourage of woman with her. It was a fun photo shoot with lots of cool folks! Can't wait for her wedding next month!

Introducing Clutch Jewelry

Meet Stacy Eden a jewelry designer and a metal smith extraordinaire of Austin, Texas. Stacy's jewelry line features a great variation of textures, movements, and shapes. Each piece has so much personality and lots of life, which is a clear reflection of the designer. The curves and details are so unique and eye catching. We felt the best way to present the jewelry was to capture the life that each piece entails. We choose natural elements, textured objects, and lots of color. Combining these elements and Stacy's jewelry the beautiful silver began to really inherit the beauty that its always deserved.
Check out her line- Clutch Jewelry by Stacy Eden