Sunday, February 28, 2010

light miles

I recently read an article about an iPhone app called Brushes. It's an app that allows you to freely paint on your phone. Simple. Yes. Brushes is now a firestorm. Little digital galleries are popping up everywhere featuring "paintings" done on brushes. Completely, enlightened by brushes I realized something. Sometimes you don't need the paint from the most high dollar store in town to create. In my case, I often catch myself only wanting to shoot film with my big mack daddy camera. Without realizing that photography comes from any single pixel, negative, exposure, or shutter. I thought I would experiment with my camera phone of all things. It's a camera, too, so why not? Forge forward little camera phone, you can do it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

austin texas' unannual snow

at random, it snowed all day in Austin. Kinda strange but fun. I'd run across a few random snowmen, each very different but all are equally cute!

Monday, February 22, 2010

the dream

There once was this boy & girl,
in love & in their own world,
a dark silhouette cast upon them,
harsh, dark, & an opaque gem,
the winds grew heavy & the roof fell,
there was no longer a place to dwell,
their home was shattered,
their reflections scattered,
their love was done,
and then there was one.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goodnight Moon

Landscape Paintings

Painting landscapes- the first thought that came to my mind ...ugggh so overdone.
But then I thought how natural the earth is and how one day it may not look the way I remembered it looking. All of sudden it was enticing to paint my nostalgic vision of how I always imagined the swamp lands. I'm originally from a small town in Louisiana. As I walked through the grass, I inhaled, exhaled, felt the earth and knew it was changing. Then I seemed concerned that this imagery was a reflection of who I was, the memories I had, the simpler times of riding bikes, running in fields of flowers, & pulling up lily pads. I never saw myself as a landscape artist but I couldn't escape the idea that many of our swamplands are disappearing yearly. The way I envisioned Louisiana could one day be gone. Painting this idea was too tempting, so I started painting, before it started to daunt me. This is where I'm at thus far and I will keep going.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

feel the love today!

May everyone open their heart today and love. Whether, it's loving your favorite pair of shoes or your mom, loving your mini bike or your pup, loving your favorite drink or your favorite court tv show....JUST SHOW SOME LOVE TODAY!!

XOXO- angie