Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I decided to spend some time with people who are deemed poor, in order to learn each person's plight. These are people that have homes, families, and jobs but life is a struggle for them. Their struggle is clearly evident from the wrinkles on their face, the dingy clothes that they wear, and the frown-like shape that their eyes make. Life has not been easy on them but they live each day with endurance and confidence that they are making it day by day, step by step. Each person's endurance reigned as I spoke to them. No one had distress on their minds. Many were delighted that I even stopped to speak to them. I talked to Sheila who had dreamed of visiting Europe. She and I walked along Chimes St. and shared stories of wishful thinking. I told her about my wishes in life but only because I wanted to contribute to our conversation, when deep down inside of me, I wished life cold have been easier on Sheila.

I spoke to Leroy, an elderly black gentleman, who loved his wife but liked to joke about leaving her. Leroy had a great sense of humor and was in high spirits. As I walked away from him, I immediately felt as if my day has been better just by talking to him. He left me with feeling of joy and I left him with a smile from ear to ear.

Then there was the group of four laughing sisters and five kids who lived in a two bedroom house. There were so flattered by the idea of having their picture taken. They shared with me how they spent much of their free time playing Uno. We talked about movies and enjoyed simple chit chat about Sunday afternoons.

These are the people that I saw through my car window, along sidewalks, or during my daily routine. For many people, these are the faces that vanish with each passing thought. However, these poor faces all have a voice that should be heard. Those voices speak humble and modest words, words that are heartfelt and are left to be admired. They are admired because although they are poor and are constantly struggling, they make themselves no different that anyone else. There was so much life in each of these people regardless of how they are viewed.

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